Aerators Flush Out Bad Smells In Water

November 26, 2019 by No Comments

pond aerators and fountains

Yuck! Just what is that awful smell!? It is not coming from the bathroom. Not anywhere else in the house, not in the kitchen sink either, although there is that usual whiff which should not even be there. And so you step out into the garden. You look around you, you nip to the backyard, and there it is! That awful smell is coming from your pool. That is bad. When last was this pool cleaned? Of course, for most readers consuming this material, this would not be the case. But so it has happened to the point where both health inspectors and environmental protection agents have been called in and the guilty parties have been summarily roasted over the coals.

But you may well have a lovely fountain or pond in your garden somewhere as well. This, however, does present more of a challenge in terms of responsible maintenance and cleaning. Some of you may well attest to this. Perhaps, however, you were not yet aware of how much of a positive impact the use of pond aerators and fountains aerators can make to reverse the difficulties of removing stubborn bacteria and other contaminants from the water features. The acrid smell is caused by anaerobic bacteria churning through the water without any oxygen to break down organic material that has gathered at the bottom of the pond or fountain.

The bacteria develop waste gas that bubbles through rotten leaves and even dead fish. And then of course it hits you! Right smack bang in the nose, like a wet fish across your surprised and flustered cheeks. More than enough to want to make you go green behind the gills. But no, because you will be doing what many others are doing these days; taking climate action.